About us

JG Staffing is a full service staffing and contract employee company.  JG Staffing Inc. provides human resource solutions to companies with the need to react to their markets, without the burden of managing the human resource functions.

 JG Staffing provides all levels of Human Resource Management resulting in an honest, mutually beneficial working relationship with our clients. JG Staffing partners with each Client to provide on-site personnel when needed and a customized level of Human Resource Management based on Client needs.  We manage recruiting, screening, testing, hiring, firing, workers compensation, unemployment and payroll processing at any level of involvement desired by the Client. Outsourcing these processes produces tremendous benefits to the Client. Relieved of the human resource function, the primary benefit for our Clients is the ability to concentrate on their business. 

Your company depends on employees. Employees make your products and deliver services to your customers. A solid foundation of employees is what makes a business grow Hiring the right employees, effectively managing these employees and their associated cost will helping making your business a success! We are the partners you can depend on, small or large, easy or complicated, to help manage your employees. 


JG Staffing’s goal is to provide the human resource services that will make our clients successful.